1 or 2 Hands on the Stick

while playing hockey sometimes we need 1 hand on the stick
sometimes 2 hands

You physically cannot skate your absolute top speed with 2 hands on the stick.
 The proper skating motion involves arms pumping.

here are a few "rules of thumb" to help

  1 or 2 hands on the stick
It is about balance & speed, not about keeping two hands on your stick

1 hand on stick when:

1 when skating backwards
2 skating full speed forwards (pumping other hand) with out puck
3 cross overs to the backhand side (keeping blade on ice inside the circle)
4 when carrying the puck full speed in open ice
5 when poke checking
6 when blocking shots


2 hands on stick when:

1 you have a puck on your stick / to shoot, pass or stick handle

2  when you want a pass

3  when turning hard

4  to battle other player

5  when  hitting or being hit