Hockey Drills 

drills are on our website as "word" documents 
they are easy to email , print & share 
you can email them to your assistant coaches , print them out for practice & tape them up on the dressing room wall so the players can go over them before getting on the ice  
you can edit the documents to add in or change the main teaching points at the top of the page

drills are divided by catagory

skating / agility

puck handling




small area drills (small stations)

Full ice drills (not really our focus here)



there is overlap of drills between sections
for example
the python drill starts out as a skating  / agility drill
but it evolves into a puck handling drill
and it may also be included in small area drills

Sample drill

Example ;39-sharks python drill 1-3 ice long

this is drill #39
the drills name is shark"s (the drill came from the scarborough sharks hockey team)  Python  drill
1-3 ice long  means the drill uses 1/3 of the ice rink long ways (station #2 or #3 in the diagram below)(most drills use either 1/3 ice end zone or 1/3 of ice middle zone or 1/3 of ice long zone

Blue is skating
Red is carrying the puck
Dotted Black is passing or shooting