Hockey should be always be FUN
If kids love a sport they will keep doing it and eventually they will get better
If they hate it ,they will eventually drop out

Top 10 list for making hockey more fun

1. Skates that FIT!!! Not expensive, not brand new, Buy good skates that have been fitted by somebody who knows what they are doing!

2. JUNIOR size stick, cut to right length

3. Keep skates SHARP

4. 1st NAME on helmet (front & back in BIG letters) so coaches can shout encouragement as they skate by

5. Take a team mate to lunch (or a movie, or out for video games etcÖ), hockey is about making friends, away from the rink

6. Carpool, the kids love riding to the rink on the team bus (just like the big leagues)

7. Have a special CD of hockey music for the way to the rink

8. Protective equipment must FIT properly, pucks, sticks, ice & boards hurt

9. Set an example =treat the refs with respect, they are also young, they are learning and are doing their best

10. Donít yell helpful hints to your kid when he is on the ice, at best its just distracting; at worst itís really embarrassing for your kid

11. 24 hour rule , wait 24 hours before you talk to the coach about a problem (its amazing how different you will feel about things after a few hours )

12. donít review the game once its over its over ; ,nothing sucks the fun out of hockey more than listening to dad go over every mistake you made on the way home .

3 things to say after a game

1. I had fun watching you play
2. I especially enjoyed when you ---------- (fill in blank with a play he made)
3 what snack do you want?



Why practice is better than games

1, no one ever cried because they lost the big practice donít have to sit on the bench for 40 minutes during a practice

3no one ever got ďsat ď so the good players could practice the last 5 minutes

4you get to body check your friends

5you get to score on your buddy

6goalies get to rob their friends

7you can show up 10 minutes before a practice instead of 1 hour before a game

8no gate fee

9no 2 hour drive to Hicksville listening to dadís advice & stories of when he played the game

10 no 2 hour drive home listening to dad replay all your mistakes

11 you donít have to dump the puck down the ice every time you touch it

12 no screaming demonical parents

13†† mom gets in fewer fist fights

1420 shots on net each practice (1 shot on net in last 4 games )

15 ††get to try out your spin-a-rama thru the legs deke move without the coach calling you a@#$%^%$t

16†† the %$#@$%^ refs never ruined a good practice

17mistakes are considered part of learning , not a topic of discussion for the car ride home

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