Products , books , videos,etc 
that can make hockey life better




Smart hockey balls

The Smarthockey Training Ball is the only off-ice training device that matches the bounce, weight, height and slide of an ice hockey puck. The Smarthockey Training Ball is recognized as the #1 off-ice training ball in the world and can be found in the locker rooms of over 22 NHL teams, 30 European National and Pro teams, 50 US Men’s and Women’s Division I College teams and numerous Major Junior teams





Hockey Trees
hang up your equipment after every practice & it will last longer , keep its protective ability & yes smell much better

Power Skating
by Laura Stramm
book & video

No Rebounds
 Goalie Video 
  Steve McKichon

this is a great DVD set
not cheap
but well worth the $$

   One Minute Manager:
by Ken Blanchard:
most of coaching is managing

Strength Training For Young Athletes
book by
Wlliam J Kraemer  &  Steven Fleck
Explains the Safe way to help young athletes improve strength

Hockey Tough 

Saul Miller

this book is NOT about playing rough hockey

it is more about building up players confidence
simplifying hockey down to the ABC's
using imagery,visualization & mental training


Hockey Canada Skills manuals

available at

 I find these light blue pucks are great for teaching propper shooting TECHNIQUE
building up muscle memory & building skill confidence


i love these triangle pylons
they stack well
they don't fall over
they are light

Big Magnetic Game Board
allows players to use their hands to move small magnetic men on the ice surface
allows players the chance to see concepts that some find hard to understand 
attack triangles 
Defensive coverage