you can move the net anywhere on the rink & still work with the goalie
i use "smelly:" markers to mark a crease on the net if i am teaching at center ice

NHL Goalie Scout Checklist  


Cell Phone drills for Goalies

click here



Off Ice Slider Practice (click on)


Links to goalie sites 

Slide board 

bullitine board

goalie instruction (Markham area)

Goalie diagrams 
Here are some diagrams to help explain some of the goaltending skills 


Movement Drills 
 This is the 1 set of drills the goalies should do EVERY practice
whenever the goalies have "downtime" ,like when the coaches are setting up the players for the next drill
an assistant can yell out "triangle " or "post to post"
to remind the goalies to work on their skills

The Best place in the world to buy goalie equipment 
I can not say enough about the fantastic sevice this place gives its customers  
they sell you the right equipment
if you are a single A goalie they don't try to sell you AAA equipment
they take the time to make sure it fits properly